Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Latest love shayari

Love Shayari
Love is like two people 
holding a rubber band,
we pull then when a person let it go 
its the person who held 
on that gets him.

When I see you, I am happy]
I love you not for what you 
look like I love you 
for what you have inside.

You fall in the love with someone 
you think is the happiest day of you like
but in actual you become the weakest
who can not live without someone 

The best thing I have done in my life 
in love you the best gift I have received
in my life are your lover and the thing 
that has ever happened to me is you

When you are in love 
you smile without any reason 
when you are in love 
your eyes start glittering 
when you are in love 
you forget about everything 
when you are in love 
your self.

I never stop loving you 
I just stop showing it.