Monday, August 12, 2019

Love quotes


Do not get yourself
work up with too 
many things; enjoy
the simple things you 
love to do.

The greatest gift you 
can give someone is your times, your
attention, you love
your concern.

beauty is simple 
reality is seen with the 
eyes of love.

Life is short to hate 
anyone so forgives
often love someone 
smile often and do
everything that 
makes you happy.

Love those who love 
you and forget those 
who do not value you.

Happiness comes 
when you believe in 
what you're doing,
know what your 
doing, and love what you are doing.

Sometimes the 
the smallest act of love 
can take up the 
the biggest space in 
someone is the heart.

There is no love 
greater than mothers
love and there is no 
greater sacrifice than 
what an either does 
for his kids.

Tell yourself you
love yourself, even if 
you do not believe it,
because this is when 
you really need to 
hear yourself say it.

You can have anyone 
so much... but you
can not love people as 
much as you miss them.⧭

The only people you 
need in your life are 
the ones that prove 
they need you in theirs.

Love kills, love 
deceives, and if 
placed in the wrong 
hands love can be 
very painful, yet and 
still, we search far 
and wide for it.

The truth is always
more powerful and 
stronger than love,
because of the love 
becomes powerless in 
the absence of truth.

Everything is 
beautiful whenwe 
drape the world
around us with
colors of .kindness
and helpfulness, love
and a helping hand.

Love is a universal 
the solution to all human
problems. It heals
wounds, mends
broken hearts, unite
enemies and 
encourages growth.
Love is all we need 
everyday and 
love image, heart
love image

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