Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Positive thought

positive thinking

motivational thought
positive thinking

Positive thought

positive thinking generates a positive feeling

and attracts positive life experiences.

good, better, best
never let it rest
until your good is better
and your better is good.

you must not allow yourself to
dwell for a single moment on any
kind of negative thought.[positive thought]

start each day a new hope
leave bad memories
behind have faith for batter tomorrow.

if you can see a positive side to everything
you will be able to live a
much richer life than others.[positive thought]

when life gives a hundred reasons
breakdown and cry
show life that you have
a million reasons to smile and laugh
         stay strong.[positive thought]

the only limit to realization
tomorrow will be our
the drought of today.

the way people treat you
is a statement about who they are as a human being
it is not a statement about you.

your mind is a powerful thing
when you fill positive thought
your life will start to change.

if you think positively,
sound becomes music,
movement becomes dance,
the smile becomes laughter,
the mind becomes meditation,
and becomes a celebration.

do not start your day
with the broken pieces of yesterday
every day is a fresh start
each day is a new beginning
every morning we wake up
is the first day of our new life.

Become yourself
no matter what other people think,
God made you the way you are
                                     for a reason
besides an original is always
worth more than a copy.[positive thought]

DEAR GOD today I woke up
I am healthy
I am alive thankyou
I apologize for all my complaining
I am truly grateful for all 
you have done.

Always end the day
with a positive thought. 

one positive thought 
in the morning 
can change the whole day.

I know that I am not perfect
I know something I forget to pray
I know I have questioned my faith
I know something I lose my temper
but thank you for loving me
uncoditionally and giving me
another day to start over again.