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Latest Chirstmas Quotes, Famous Christmas quotes for Card, Merry Christmas Wishes, [Christmas 2020]

  Latest Chirstmas Quotes

 Merry Christmas Quotes 2020

Merry Christmas wishes
Latest Chirstmas Quotes  Merry Christmas Quotes 2020
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Christmas quotes

Merry Christmas to all the visiters
Read beautiful lines and share with your friends and family....


May your lives be filled 

with love and happiness,

and your year be

full of positive energy 

and good vibes.

Merry Christmas............


Wishing you 

and your family

peace, health, happiness

and prosperity in the 

coming year.

Merry Christmas.............


Wishing you a day

full of happiness

my with Hugs, Kisses

and Love--------------

Merry Christmas.............


This is Chirstmas:-

Not the present, not the carols,

but the humble heart that receives

the wondrous gift of christ.


Christmas Prayer:-

Bless us Lord this Christmas with

Peace that surpasses all understanding,

Joy that is beyond material possessions,

Love that knows no boundaries, and

Strength that emanates from faith in you.


A Christmas Prayer


you came upon

A Midnight Clear

to bring

Joy to the World

and draw us near.

It was a Holy Night

when you came from above,

to fill our heart with hope and love.

Thank you,

Sweet Jesus Boy,

for clothing us with 

Comfort and Joy.


you are the 

mistle to my toe 

fruit to my cake

candy to my cane

ginger to my bread

snow to my flake

nut to my cracker

jingler to my bells

hot to my cocoa

holly to my jolly

santa to my claus

Merry Christmas...........


From home to home and 

Heart to heart from one

place to another. The

warmth and joy of Christmas.

bring us doser to each other.

Latest Chirstmas Quotes  Merry Christmas Quotes 2020
Christmas gifts images

Christmas is a time for 

nostagia, but it is also a

time for making new memories.

Enjoythe fellowship of new

friends and cherish the 

company of family in this season of loving and sharing

Merry Christmas.............


"Freshly cut christmas

trees smelling of stars 

and snow and pine resinhale 

deeply and fill your

soul with wintry night"

-John J. Gaddes


"One of the most

glorious messes in

the world is the mess

created in the living 

room on Christmas Day.

Don't clean it

up too quickly"

-Andy Rooney


"was the night 

before Christmas,

when all through the house,

not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse.

-Clement Clarke Moore


"Unless we make

Christmas an occasion

to share our blessing,

all the snow in Alaska

won't make it 'white'.

-Bing Crosby


"Christmas will

always be as long

as we stand 

heart to heart

 and hand to hand.

-Dr. Seuss


"My idea of christmas,

whether old-fashioned

or modern, is very 

simple: loving others.

-Bob Hope


"Christmas magic

is silent.

you don't hear it-

you feel it.

you know it.

you believe it.

- Kevin Alan Milne


"We are better throught out the year

for having, in spirit,

become a child again at 

Christmas time.

-Laura Ingalls Wilder


"It's Christmas Eve.

It's the one night of 

the year when we all

act a little nicer,

we smile a little easier,

we cheer a little more.

For a couple of hours

out of the whole year,

we are the people 

that we always hopped 

we would be."

-Frank Cross


"Christmas is the most truly Christmas

when we celebrate 

it by giving the 

light of love 

to those who 

need it most."

-Ruth Carter Stapleton


"Christmas is the necessity.

There has to be at 

at least one day of the year

to remind us that

we're here for 

something else

besides ourselves.

-Eric Severeid


May this Christmas 

be so special,

that you never ever

feel lonely again &

be surrounded by 

loved ones throught out

"Happy Christmas"


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